The Rajagopuram (Granite Temple) Project


“Temple Renovation, Reconstruction, Kumbhabhishekam, etc. are all considered extremely noble deeds. We all should do whatever we can towards these and earn Punya Karma. Whatever we offer, it may be a brick, but as long as that brick is there in that temple, we will spend that much time (thousands of years) in Kailash or Vaikuntham.”

– Mahaperiyava Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya Chandrasekharendra Saraswati

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Project Updates

3 Aug 2019:  We are now accepting pledges towards the main temple structures. A set of predefined pledge levels is available; you can also pick an amount of your choice. Those who have filled out the Registration of Interest form earlier are requested to fill out the new pledge form (above) to make a pledge on behalf of yourself, your family or your group. Our volunteers will also be reaching out to you soon via phone or email.

Going forward, when you make a financial donation either online or in person at the temple bookstore (one time or recurring) please make sure to let us know if it is against a pledge that you have made.

20 Apr 2019:   Preliminary plans for the temple property, the granite temple, and Phase I of temple construction – a standalone Ganapati temple than then be extended into the full temple – are now available. They will be published here once finalized. Phase I is expected to cost USD 1.5 – 2M and your support in the form of pledges, one time or monthly contributions is greatly appreciated.

2 Oct 2018:   A preliminary list of various temple structures and designated sponsorship opportunities is now available. If you’re interested in sponsoring a specific part of the new Temple, please review the list and fill out the Registration of Interest form. Once full cost information is available, we will contact you with those details.

31 Dec 2017:  2017 Rajagopuram Project update

About the Project

Over the past 40 years, the Sri Rajarajeswari Peetam (also known as the Sri Vidya Temple) has evolved into an important center for the worship of the Divine Mother Rajarajeswari, attracting thousands of visitors each year from around the world. As mentioned earlier this year, with the grace of our Guru and Guru lineage, we are actively pursuing the next phase in the Temple’s development, the “Rajagopuram Project,” which entails the construction of a new structure in granite complete with traditional Rajagopuram.

As many of you may know, Sri Chaitanyananda (Haran Aiya) has been speaking about the need for a more permanent sacred home for Devi for a number of years. In March 2015, The Temple Board presented preliminary site plans to the Rush Planning Board, and a building permit for new Temple construction was granted. Since then, the Board members have been engaged in research and planning for the Rajagopuram Project.

A Temple to Last One Thousand Years

The new Temple is expected to be 190 ft by 120 ft and will be supported by 28 granite pillars, with each pillar sculpted as an exquisite peace of art. A traditional stone interlocking system will be used, allowing the Temple to last ten thousand years. The Temple will be built according to the Kashyapa Shilpa Shastra. The Agama Shastras describe how to build a traditional Temple, outlining specific dimensions and architectural details, as well as the benefits.

By following these Agamas, we can build a beautiful, powerful and durable Temple that will stand the test of time. Even more divine energy will be attracted into the Temple, maximizing the power of the auspicious blessings that radiate to all. The rishis of ancient India have bestowed this sacred science of Temple construction on humanity, for the sake of world peace and universal spiritual upliftment.

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The Greatest Punya Karma of Building a Temple for the Divine


As Maha Periyava has beautifully explained: “Temple Renovation, Reconstruction, Kumbabhishekam, etc. are all considered extremely noble deeds. We all should do whatever we can towards these and earn Punya Karma. Whatever we offer, it may be a brick, but as long as that brick is there in that temple, we will spend that much time (thousands of years) in Kailash or Vaikuntham.”

Building such a divine Temple for Sri Rajarajeswari will be a great service to humanity for generations to come, and anyone who selflessly supports such a project will be blessed by Devi for countless lifetimes. The Agni Purana proclaims that there is no greater punya than that which comes to us from building a holy Temple for the Supreme Divinity. Even a thought of constructing a Temple is adequate to demolish sins of longstanding nature and grant us the right to reach the Supreme Mother.

We Appreciate Your Support!

For such an undertaking, we will need everyone’s dedication, ideas, love and support. With the loving blessings and compassionate grace of our Divine Mother Sri Rajarajeswari, we need to actively participate and contribute to make this vision a reality.

No donation is too large or too small, and every contribution helps. In order to complete Sri Rajarajeswari’s sacred home as soon as possible, we humbly request you to contribute as generously as you can. If you’d like to support this noble endeavor by making a donation, it’s easy to do so.

You can mail a check (please make check payable to “SVTS”), come to the Temple Bookstore during a program, or donate online. You may also like to learn more about our Monthly Giving Appeal, an easy way to set up automatic monthly donations by credit card.

Divine Blessings for a Divine Project

Aiya has often said that the Temple has flowed directly from the lotus feet of his Guruji, Sri Amritananda. As we move into this next phase of the Temple’s growth, we are grateful for the abundant blessings and support of Guruji, who personally blessed the project last year.

In 2015, Sri Mathioli Saraswathy once again graced our Temple with Her divine presence and gave Her specific blessings for this new initiative. With much loving guidance, She expressed Her full support and encouragement for our fundraising efforts. We invite you all to join with us in this noble endeavor of building Sri Rajarajeswari’s permanent sacred home. In the near future, we’ll be providing more details on building phases, sponsorship options, and how you can get involved in this auspicious project.

If you would like more information, please contact Sri Natarajan (President), or email If you would like to donate towards this noble and auspicious project, you may do so through our secure online store.

Sri Matre Namah!